Information about King Loe Thai of Sukhothai

King Loe Thai of Sukhothai ((unknown) - 1323)

Loe Thai (Thai: เลอไทย) was the fourth King of Sukhothai. He was preceded by his father Pho Khun Ramkhamhaeng until the throne was usurped by his cousin Phaya Nguanamthom.

After the death of Ramkhamhaeng, the Sukhothai tributaries broke away. Ramkhamhaeng was succeeded by his son Loe Thai. The vassal kingdoms, first Uttaradit in the north, then soon after the Laotian kingdoms of Luang Prabang and Vientiane (Wiangchan), liberated themselves from their overlord. In 1319 the Mon state to the west broke away, and in 1321 Phrae Tak, one of the oldest towns under the control of Sukhothai, under its control. To the south the powerful city of Suphanburi also broke free early in the reign of Loe Thai.

He sent an expedition against Champa around 1312, though George Coedes thinks it was his father who organized the raids in 1313. He did recapture Tavoy and Tenasserim from Martaban, and met the Dai Viet Emperor Tran Hien Tong in 1335. He "very probably died in 1347", after naming his so Lu Thai viceroy of Sawankhalok.

King Loe Thai of Sukhothai reigned in...
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เลอไทย (King Loe Thai) Sukhothai Kingdom 1298 1323
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