Information about King Olaf I of Denmark

King Olaf I of Denmark (1050 - 18 August 1095)

Olaf I (Danish: Oluf), nicknamed Olaf Hunger, was king of Denmark from 1086 to 1095, following the death of his brother Canute IV the Holy. He was a son of king Sweyn II Estridsson, and the third of Sweyn's sons to rule. He married Ingegard, the daughter of Harald HardrĂ¥de, but did not have any children. He was succeeded by his brother Eric I Evergood.

King Olaf I of Denmark reigned in...
Reigned asIn CountryFromToCoins Issued
Oluf Hunger (King Olaf I) Flag of Denmark Denmark 10 July 1086 18 August 1095
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