Information about King Sancho Ramírez of Viguera

King Sancho Ramírez of Viguera ((unknown) - 1002)

Sancho Ramírez (Basque: Antso Ramirez) was the second King of Viguera, from 981 until his death c. 1002. He was the eldest son of Ramiro Garcés, the first king of Viguera, and also grandson of García Sánchez I of Pamplona.

Little is known about his reign in Viguera. Following the death of his father, he appears in documents with his uncle Sancho II Garcés and his brother García Ramírez. His death is commonly estimated at about 999, but a recently published document shows him still living in 1002. In that year, between the last appearance of García Sánchez II of Pamplona in 1000 and the first appearance of Sancho III of Navarre in 1004, he appears as king in a context that suggests a greater domain than simply Viguera. It has been used to suggest that Sancho Ramírez served briefly as ruler of Pamplona itself in the same manner that Jimeno Garcés of Pamplona had ruled during the youth of García Sánchez I. This 1002 document is the last in which he is found, and he is presumed to have died shortly thereafter.

A woman named Sancha Sánchez appears in Pamplona royal charters in a position of importance, and has been speculated to be his daughter, but her fate is unknown. He was succeeded in the throne by his brother García Ramírez.

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Antso Ramirez (King Sancho Ramírez) Viguera 9 July 981 1002
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