Information about Lord Charles II of Monaco

Lord Charles II of Monaco (26 January 1555 - 17 May 1589)

Charles II was Lord of Monaco from 7 October 1581 to 17 May 1589. He was the eldest son of Honoré I and Isabella Grimaldi. He became Lord of Monaco on the death of his father in 1581.

Protected by Spain, due to the Treaties of 1524, Charles was the first Lord of Monaco who refused to pay homage to the Dukes of Savoy for Mentone and Roccabruna. In 1583 he was declared, after a trial, to have forfeited those two cities.

Charles ruled for only 8 years before dying at the age of 33. He left no issue and so his youngest brother Hercule (Ercole) became Lord of Monaco.

Lord Charles II of Monaco reigned in...
Reigned asIn CountryFromToCoins Issued
Lord Charles II Flag of Monaco Monaco 7 October 1581 17 May 1589
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