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Paul Day (1967 - )

Paul Day is a British sculptor. His high-relief sculptures in terracotta, resin, and bronze have been exhibited widely in Europe and his work is known for its unusual approach to perspective.

For the 2012 Sovereign coin, The Royal Mint launched a competition to find a new design. The Royal Mint Advisory Committee eventually selected a design by Paul Day.

“I have chosen to opt for a romantic version of the St George and the dragon theme,” said Paul, “a medieval knight of Arthurian legend rather than a classical hero. I have given the dragon a more threatening attitude and size, so that it represents a real menace and not a weak foe.”

Paul deliberately left very little empty space, making the reverse as engaging as possible and very different from the obverse. As he says, “I have always been attracted to detail which requires a closer look to be unpicked and fully understood.”

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