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ToJanuary 681

Pope Agatho (d. January 681) served as the Pope from 26 June 678 until his death in 681. He heard the appeal of Wilfrid of York, who had been displaced from his See by the division of the Archdiocese ordered by Theodore of Canterbury. During Agatho's tenure, the Sixth Ecumenical Council was convened which dealt with the monothelitism controversy. He is venerated as a saint by both the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Churches.

It is generally believed that Agatho was originally a Benedictine monk at St. Hermes in Palermo, and there is good authority that he was more than 100 years old when, in 678, he ascended the papal chair as successor to Pope Donus.

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Papa Agatho (Pope Agatho) Holy See 27 June 678 10 January 681
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