Information about Pope Anastasius IV

Pope Anastasius IV (1073 - 3 December 1154)

Pope Anastasius IV, born Corrado Demetri della Suburra, was Pope from 8 July 1153 to his death in 1154. He is the last pope to take the name "Anastasius" upon his election.

During his short pontificate he played the part of a peacemaker; he came to terms with the Emperor Frederick I in the vexing question of the appointment to the See of Magdeburg and closed the long quarrel, which had raged through four pontificates, about the appointment of William Fitzherbert (commonly known as Saint William of York) to the see of York by sending him the pallium in spite of the continued opposition of the powerful Cistercian order. Pope Anastasius IV died on 3 December 1154 and was succeeded by Cardinal Nicholas of Albano as Pope Adrian IV.

Pope Anastasius IV reigned in...
Reigned asIn CountryFromToCoins Issued
Papa Anastasius Quartus (Pope Anastasius IV) Flag of Holy See Holy See 8 July 1153 3 December 1154
Papa Anastasius Quartus (Pope Anastasius IV) Flag of Papal States Papal States 8 July 1153 3 December 1154
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