Information about Pope Honorius I

Pope Honorius I ((unknown) - 12 October 638)

Pope Honorius I was Pope from 27 October 625 to his death in 638.

Honorius, according to the Liber Pontificalis, came from Campania and was the son of the consul Petronius. He became pope two days after the death of his predecessor, Boniface V. The festival of the Elevation of the Cross is said to have been instituted during the pontificate of Honorius, which was marked also by considerable missionary enterprise. Much of this was centered on England, especially Wessex. He also succeeded in bringing the Irish Easter celebrations in line with the rest of the Catholic Church.

Pope Honorius I reigned in...
Reigned asIn CountryFromToCoins Issued
Papa Honorius (Pope Honorius I) Flag of Holy See Holy See 27 October 625 12 October 638
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