Information about Pope Honorius III

Pope Honorius III (1150 - 18 March 1227)

Pope Honorius III, born as Cencio Savelli, was Pope from 18 July 1216 to his death in 1227.

On 18 July 1216, seventeen cardinals present at the death of Innocent III assembled at Perugia (where Innocent III had died two days previously) with the purpose of electing a new Pope. The troubled state of affairs in Italy, the threatening attitude of the Tatars, and the fear of a schism induced the cardinals to agree to an election by compromise. Cardinals Ugolino of Ostia (afterwards Pope Gregory IX) and Guido Papareschi were empowered to appoint the new Pope. Their choice fell upon Cencio Savelli, who accepted the tiara with reluctance and took the name of Honorius III. He was consecrated at Perugia on 24 July and was crowned at Rome on 31 August. He took possession of the Lateran on 3 September 1216.

Like his famous predecessor, Pope Innocent III, he set his mind on the achievement of two great goals: the recovery of the Holy Land in the Fifth Crusade and a spiritual reform of the entire Church. But in contrast with Innocent III, he sought these achievements by kindness and indulgence rather than by force and severity.

Pope Honorius III reigned in...
Reigned asIn CountryFromToCoins Issued
Papa Honorius Tertius (Pope Honorius III) Flag of Holy See Holy See 18 July 1216 18 March 1227
Papa Honorius Tertius (Pope Honorius III) Flag of Papal States Papal States 18 July 1216 18 March 1227
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