Information about Rolf Lederbogen

Rolf Lederbogen (17 March 1928 - 4 June 2012)

Rolf Lederbogen was a German designer, architect and university professor. He studied from 1947 to 1952 at the Werkakademie Kassel under Heinrich Lauterbach, Hans Leistikow, Hermann Mattern and Ernst Röttger. Since 1952 he has worked as a freelance graphic designer and architect. In 1960 he was appointed to the chair for the basics of architecture at the TH Karlsruhe, and in 1961 he was appointed full professor.

Lederbogen's also made many designs for postage stamps and coins, including the obverse of the German 1- to 5-Euro Cent coins. Lederbogen also worked as an exhibition designer and designed interior fittings and guidance systems for various construction projects in Germany. As a photographer he had exhibitions in Germany and Portugal and published several books. His extensive work archive is in the Southwest German Archive for Architecture and Civil Engineering.

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