Information about Thomas Pingo

Thomas Pingo (1714 - 1776)

Thomas Pingo was an English medallist and die engraver. He worked for the Royal Mint in London. Originally thought to have come from Italy in 1742, and born there in 1692, he was in fact the son of Thomas Pingo Sr of Plumbtree Court, London. The Pingo family first appeared in London in the 1650s in the Parish of St Martins in the Fields.

His subjects included Charles Edward Stuart (Bonny Prince Charlie) and King George III of Great Britain. His was appointed Assistant Engraver at the Mint in 1771.

His sons Lewis Pingo and John Pingo also became noted medallists, Lewis succeeding his father as the Mint's Assistant Engraver in 1776. Another son, Benjamin Pingo, was Rouge Dragon Pursuivant (1780-1786) and York Herald (1786-1794) in the College of Arms.

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