Information about William Henry James Blakemore

William Henry James Blakemore (June 1871 - 29 January 1945)

William Henry James Blakemore was an English engraver, and medallist at the Royal Mint London (signature: WHJB). He was born 1871 in Warwickshire West Midlands Birmingham, England. Ten years later he lived with his parents James Blakemore and Mary Ann in Buckingham near London. In September 1900 William Blakemore married in Birmingham Beatrice Blanch. In September 1901 their only child L.W. Blakemore was born in London-Lewisham. William Blakemore died on 29 January 1945 at his home in South Croydon Surrey.

During his long career with the Royal Mint William Blakemore was the craftsman for the engraving of master dies for the Royal Mint London, and other Royal Mint branches, like the Royal Canadian Mint. He also engraved the designs for the first Australian coins of 1910.

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