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Deutsche Bundesbank
NameDeutsche Bundesbank

The Bundesbank generally provides the information on its website free of charge. Except where this is not permitted in individual cases, you may save, distribute or reproduce information provided by the Deutsche Bundesbank in printed or electronic form for your personal or professional use provided that you do so free of charge. The information must not be altered or distorted in any way.

If the information is included in documents which are subject to a fee (regardless of the medium), the natural or legal person publishing the information must inform buyers, both before they pay any subscription or fee and each time they access the information taken from the Bundesbank's website, that the information may be obtained free of charge on the Bundesbank's website.

If you distribute or reproduce the information provided by the Deutsche Bundesbank, you must cite the source as "Copyright: Deutsche Bundesbank, Frankfurt am Main, Germany" and send us a copy.

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