Information about reference source: Renniks, New Zealand Coinage Guide

Renniks, New Zealand Coinage Guide
NameRenniks, New Zealand Coinage Guide

From the Foreword:

"The Renniks New Zealand Coinage Guide is the first Guide to be published which is complete with illustrations and values of New Zealand Tokens and coins.

The Guide was compiled and designed for all ages by Dion H. Skinner Numismatist and author of Renniks Australian Commonwealth Coinage Guide.

Coins are graded by Numismatists and dealers under seven conditions, five of which have been selected and used for the coinage series.

Uncirculated or F.D.C. (Fleur de Coin) has been excluded from the grading as few specimens are available in this condition. For early years specimens found would command a premium above the E.F. grading."

The Renniks New Zealand Coinage Guide also lists proof mint sets (from which information on the respective "proof" variety can be derived), some of them with mintages.

Royal Mint
Royal Mint
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Years1965 - 1966
Author/sDion H. Skinner