Banjar, Sultanate of / Sultan Hidayatullah II

Banjar, Sultanate of - Sultan Hidayatullah II (September 1859 - 2 March 1862)

Sultan Hidayatullah Khalilullah bin Pangeran Ratu Sultan Muda Abdur Rahman bin Sultan Adam was the sultan of Banjar (also known as Banjarmasin) and leader of the Banjarese people in the Banjarmasin War.

Pangeran Hidayatullah was born in 1822 in Martaputra. His father was Sultan Muda Abdurrahman son of Sultan Adam Al-Watsiq Billah, and his mother was Ratu Siti binti Pangeran Mangku Bumi Nata bin Sultan Sulaiman.

In 1852 the Sultan's heir-apparent died, and the Dutch replaced him by the illegitimate grandson Tamjied Illah. In vain, Sultan Adam and many nobles in 1853 sent an embassy to Batavia, pointing out iniquities perpetrated by the Dutch-designated heir and appealing for the Dutch to recognise instead Hidayatullah - a younger but legitimate son. Sultan Adam died in 1857 and was succeeded by the illegitimate Tamjied Illah. There ensued a struggle for power between Tamjied Illah and Hidayatullah, which divided the population, much of which stood behind Hidayatullah and highly resented the Dutch sponsoring of Tamjied Illah.

He died in Cianjur, Jawa Barat, 24 November 1904.

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Sultan Hidayatullah II: Details
CountryBanjar, Sultanate of
FromSeptember 1859
To2 March 1862
Personal Information Sultan Hidayatullah II of Banjar
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NameBanjar, Sultanate of
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