Banjar, Sultanate of / Sultan Suriansyah

Banjar, Sultanate of - Sultan Suriansyah (24 September 1526 - 1540)

The founder of the Sultanate of Banjar, Raden Samudra, was of royal lineage of the Kingdom of Negara Daha. He escaped from the Kingdom of Daha to the Barito River area, because his safety was in danger, and established a new kingdom at Banjarmasin.

With help from Mangkubumi Aria Taranggana, Raden Samudra converted to Islam on 24 September 1526, changing his name to Sultan Suriansyah. This is considered the date of the establishment of the Sultanate of Banjar (also known as the Sultanate of Banjarmasin). He ruled it until his death in 1540.

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Sultan Suriansyah: Details
CountryBanjar, Sultanate of
From24 September 1526
Personal Information Sultan Suriansyah of Banjar
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NameBanjar, Sultanate of
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FlagFlag of Banjar, Sultanate of