Belize / Queen Elizabeth II

Belize - Queen Elizabeth II (21 September 1981 - )

The monarchy of Belize (the Belizean monarchy) is a system of government in which a hereditary monarch is the sovereign of Belize; the incumbent is Queen Elizabeth II, officially called Queen of Belize, who has reigned since 21 September 1981. The heir apparent is Elizabeth's eldest son, Prince Charles, though the Queen is the only member of the royal family with any constitutional role. She, her husband and consort, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Charles, and other members of the royal family, including the Queen's other children and cousins, undertake various public ceremonial functions across Belize and on behalf of Belize abroad.

Most of the Queen's powers in Belize are exercised by the Governor-General, though the monarch does hold several powers that are hers alone.

The Belizean monarch, besides reigning in Belize, separately serves as head of state for each of fifteen other Commonwealth countries. This developed from the former colonial relationship of these countries to Britain, but they are now independent and the monarchy of each is legally distinct.

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