Brandenburg, Margraviate of / Johann Sigismund (Margrave-elector John Sigismund)

Brandenburg, Margraviate of - Johann Sigismund (Margrave-elector John Sigismund) (18 July 1608 - 23 December 1619)

John Sigismund (German: Johann Sigismund) was a Prince-elector of the Margraviate of Brandenburg from the House of Hohenzollern. He became the Duke of Prussia through his marriage to Duchess Anna, the eldest daughter of Duke Albert Frederick of Prussia who died without sons. Their marriage resulted in the creation of Brandenburg-Prussia.

John Sigismund was born in Halle an der Saale to Joachim III Frederick, Elector of Brandenburg, and his first wife Catherine of Brandenburg-Küstrin. He succeeded his father as Margrave of Brandenburg in 1608. In 1611, John Sigismund traveled from Königsberg to Warsaw, where on 16 November 1611 he gave feudal homage to Sigismund III Vasa, King of Poland (the Duchy of Prussia was a Polish fief at the time). He officially became Duke of Prussia in 1618, although he had served as regent on behalf of the mentally-disturbed Albert Frederick, Duke of Prussia, for several years prior. John Sigismund died in the following year.

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Johann Sigismund (Margrave-elector John Sigismund): Details
CountryBrandenburg, Margraviate of
From18 July 1608
To23 December 1619
Personal Information Margrave-elector Johann Sigismund von Brandenburg (John Sigismund)
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Country Details
NameBrandenburg, Margraviate of
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FlagFlag of Brandenburg, Margraviate of