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Information about reign: Erik 3. Lam (King Eric III)

Personal InformationKing Eric III of Denmark (1120 - 1146)

Eric III Lamb (Danish: Erik III Lam) was the King of Denmark from 1137 until 1146. He was the grandson of Eric I of Denmark and the nephew of Eric II of Denmark, whom he succeeded on the throne.

In 1146, Eric abdicated, as the only Danish king in history, for unknown reasons. He entered St. Canute's Abbey where died there on 27 August 1146, and was buried at the cloister. His abdication has been explained as being rooted either in his realization of his inability to govern, or an illness which ultimately killed him.

His succession led to a period of civil war between Sweyn III, Canute V, and Valdemar I.