Luxemburg, Duchy of / Duke Charles I of Burgundy

Luxemburg, Duchy of - Duke Charles I of Burgundy (15 June 1467 - 5 January 1477)

Charles the Bold, also translated as Charles the Reckless (French: Charles le Téméraire, Dutch: Karel de Stoute), baptised Charles Martin, was Duke of Burgundy from 1467 to 1477. He was the last Duke of Burgundy from the House of Valois.

His early death at the Battle of Nancy at the hands of Swiss mercenaries fighting for René II, Duke of Lorraine, was of great consequence in European history. The Burgundian domains, long wedged between the growing powers of France and the Habsburg Empire, were divided, but the precise disposition of the vast and disparate territorial possessions involved was disputed among the European powers for centuries.

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Duke Charles I of Burgundy: Details
CountryLuxemburg, Duchy of
From15 June 1467
To5 January 1477
Personal Information Duke Charles I the Bold of Burgundy
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Country Details
NameLuxemburg, Duchy of
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FlagFlag of Luxemburg, Duchy of