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Information about reign: Αλέξιος Γ' Άγγελος (Emperor Alexios III Angelos)

CountryEastern Roman Empire (Byzantine Empire)
FromMarch 1195
To17 July 1203
Personal InformationEmperor Alexios III Angelos of the Eastern Roman Empire (1153 - 1211)

Alexios III Angelos (Greek: Αλέξιος Γ' Άγγελος) was Byzantine Emperor from March 1195 to July 17/18, 1203. A member of the extended imperial family, Alexios came to throne after deposing, blinding, and imprisoning his younger brother Isaac II Angelos. The most significant event of his reign was the attack of the Fourth Crusade on Constantinople in 1203, on behalf of Alexios IV Angelos. Alexios III took over the defense of the city, which he mismanaged, then fled the city at night with one of his three daughters. From Adrianople, and then Mosynopolis, he unsuccessfully attempted to rally his supporters, only to end up a captive of Marquis Boniface of Montferrat. He was ransomed, sent to Asia Minor where he plotted against his son-in-law Theodore Laskaris, but was eventually arrested and spent his last days confined to the Monastery of Hyakinthos in Nicaea, where he died.