Eastern Roman Empire (Byzantine Empire) / Κωνσταντῖνος Ἡράκλειος / Flavius Constantinus Heraclius (Emperor Heraklonas)

Eastern Roman Empire (Byzantine Empire) - Κωνσταντῖνος Ἡράκλειος / Flavius Constantinus Heraclius (Emperor Heraklonas) (20 April 641 - September 641)

Constantine Heraclius (Greek: Κωνσταντῖνος Ἡράκλειος, Latin: Flavius Constantinus Heraclius (Heraclianus) Augustus; 626–641), commonly known by the diminutive Heraklonas or Herakleonas (Greek: Ἡρακλωνᾶς/Ἡρακλεωνᾶς), or rarely, Heraclius II, was the son of Heraclius and his niece Martina, and was Byzantine Emperor briefly between February and September 641.

He was baptised and officially reigned as Flavius Constantinus Heraclius, but the diminutive nickname Heraklonas, little Heraclius, became established in Byzantine texts and has become standard in historiography.

Heraklonas was probably born at Lazica while his father was on campaign against Khosrau II of the Sassanid Empire. He was probably the fourth son of Martina and Herakleios, but the first one born free of physical deformity and eligible for the throne.

Towards the end of Heraclius' reign he obtained through his mother’s influence the title of Augustus on July 4, 638, and after his father’s death was proclaimed joint emperor with his older half-brother Constantine III (Herakleios Constantine).

The premature death of Constantine III, in May 641, left Heraklonas sole ruler. But a suspicion that he and Martina had murdered Constantine led soon after to a revolt under the general Valentinus, who forced Heraklonas to accept his young nephew Constans II as co-ruler. Martina intended to balance this setback with the coronation of her younger son the Caesar David (Tiberios) as emperor.

But this merely irritated the supporters of Constans II, and Valentinus spread rumors that Martina and Heraklonas intended to eliminate Constans and his supporters. The revolt which ensued toppled Heraklonas and his mother, who were subjected to mutilation and banishment. Nothing further is known about Heraklonas after his removal and exile to Rhodes. He is presumed to have died later that year. Constans II, the son of Constantine III, became sole emperor.

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Κωνσταντῖνος Ἡράκλειος / Flavius Constantinus Heraclius (Emperor Heraklonas): Details
CountryEastern Roman Empire (Byzantine Empire)
From20 April 641
ToSeptember 641
Personal Information Emperor Constantine Heraclius of the Eastern Roman Empire
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