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Information about reign: Ἰουστίνος / Flavius Iustinus Augustus (Emperor Justin I)

CountryEastern Roman Empire (Byzantine Empire)
FromJuly 518
To1 August 527
Personal InformationEmperor Justin I of the Eastern Roman Empire (450 - 527)

Justin I (Latin: Flavius Iustinus Augustus, Ancient Greek: Ἰουστίνος) was Eastern Roman Emperor from 518 to 527. He rose through the ranks of the army and ultimately became Emperor, in spite of the fact he was illiterate and almost 70 years old at the time of accession. His reign is significant for the founding of the Justinian Dynasty that included his eminent nephew Justinian I and for the enactment of laws that de-emphasized the influence of the old Roman nobility. His consort was Empress Euphemia.