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Information about reign: Λέων ὁ ἐξ Ἀρμενίας (Emperor Leo V the Armenian)

CountryEastern Roman Empire (Byzantine Empire)
From22 June 813
To25 December 820
Personal InformationEmperor Leo V of the Eastern Roman Empire (775 - 820)

Leo V the Armenian (Greek: Λέων ὁ ἐξ Ἀρμενίας) was Emperor of the Byzantine Empire from 813 to 820. A senior general, he forced his predecessor, Michael I Rangabe, to abdicate and assumed the throne. He ended the decade-long war with the Bulgars, and initiated the second period of Byzantine Iconoclasm. He was assassinated by supporters of Michael the Amorian, one of his most trusted generals, who succeeded him on the throne.

His eldest son Symbatios (Greek: Συμβάτιος, from the Armenian Smbat), variously also Sabbatios (Σαββάτιος) or Sambates (Σαμβάτης) in some sources, was crowned co-emperor and renamed Constantine (Κωνσταντίνος) soon after the accession of Leo V. He reigned nominally along with his father until the latter's deposition in 820, after which he was exiled to Prote as a monk.