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Information about reign: Λέων ΣΤ΄ ὁ Σοφός (Emperor Leo VI)

CountryEastern Roman Empire (Byzantine Empire)
From29 August 886
To11 May 912
Personal InformationEmperor Leo VI of the Eastern Roman Empire (866 - 912)

Leo VI, called the Wise or the Philosopher (Greek: Λέων ΣΤ΄ ὁ Σοφός), was Byzantine Emperor from 886 to 912. The second ruler of the Macedonian dynasty (although his parentage is unclear), he was very well-read, leading to his surname. During his reign, the renaissance of letters, begun by his predecessor Basil I, continued; but the Empire also saw several military defeats in the Balkans against Bulgaria and against the Arabs in Sicily and the Aegean.