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Information about reign: Flavius Marcianus Augustus (Emperor Marcian)

CountryEastern Roman Empire (Byzantine Empire)
To27 January 457
Personal InformationEmperor Marcian of the Eastern Roman Empire (392 - 457)

Marcian (Latin: Flavius Marcianus Augustus; Greek; Μαρκιανός) was Eastern Roman Emperor from 450 to 457. Marcian's rule marked a recovery of the Eastern Empire, which the Emperor protected from external menaces and reformed economically and financially. On the other side, the isolationistic policies of Marcian left the Western Roman Empire without help against barbarian attacks, which materialized in the Italian campaigns of Attila and in the Vandal sack of Rome (455). The Eastern Orthodox Church recognizes Marcian as a saint for his role in convoking the Council of Chalcedon.