Eastern Roman Empire (Byzantine Empire) / Σταυράκιος (Emperor Staurakios)

Eastern Roman Empire (Byzantine Empire) - Σταυράκιος (Emperor Staurakios) (26 July 811 - 2 October 811)

Staurakios or Stauracius (Greek: Σταυράκιος) was Byzantine Emperor from July 26 to October 2, 811 in succession to his father, Nikephoros I, who had fallen at the Battle of Pliska.

Due to his debilitating wound, paralysis of the legs and constant pain, it was quickly evident that Staurakios would be unable to exercise actual authority. The supporters of (the future emperor) Michael, which now included both Stephen and Theoktistos, as well as the Patriarch Nikephoros I, who was alarmed at Staurakios’ plans to pass the throne to his wife Theophano, forced the Emperor to abdicate on 2 October.

Hearing of the accession of his brother-in-law, Staurakios took Holy Orders. Before being escorted from the palace, he was visited by his sister Prokopia, brother-in-law Michael, and the Patriarch, all of whom justified their actions by the fact of his severe injuries, while Staurakios reproached them bitterly, in particular the Patriarch.

Staurakios retired to a monastery where he died from the effects of his wound on January 11, 812. Michael Rangabe became Emperor as Michael I.

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Σταυράκιος (Emperor Staurakios): Details
CountryEastern Roman Empire (Byzantine Empire)
From26 July 811
To2 October 811
Personal Information Emperor Staurakios of the Eastern Roman Empire
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