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Information about reign: ኢያሱ (Emperor Iyasu I)

From19 July 1682
To13 October 1706
Personal InformationEmperor Iyasu I of Ethiopia (1654 - 1706)

Iyasu I (or Joshua I, Ge'ez ኢያሱ ), also known as Iyasu the Great, was Emperor (throne name Adyam Sagad, Ge'ez አድያም ሰገድ, "to whom the confines of the earth bow") of Ethiopia from 19 July 1682 to 13 October 1706, and a member of the Solomonic dynasty. He was the son of Yohannes I and Empress Sabla Wangel.

According to G.W.B Huntingford, Iyasu "owed his reputation partly to the mildness of his character, exemplified in his treatment of the princes on Wehni in his first year, and his attention to religious matters, and partly to his abdication, retirement, and murder."

He was serving as governor of Gojjam when his father Yohannes summoned him and made him heir at the age of 20 (however, he did not have himself crowned until 1693).