Ethiopia / ሜናስ (Emperor Menas)

Ethiopia - ሜናስ (Emperor Menas) (1559 - 1 February 1563)

Menas (Ge'ez ሜናስ) or Minas, throne name Admas Sagad I (Ge'ez አድማስ ሰገድ, "to whom the horizon bows"), was Emperor of Ethiopia, and a member of the Solomonic dynasty. He was a brother of Gelawdewos.

According to a genealogy collected by James Bruce, Menas' father Lebna Dengel arranged Menas to be married to the daughter of Robel, governor of Bora and Selawe; upon becoming empress she took the name Adimas Moas. They had two children, Fiqtor and Theodora.

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To1 February 1563
Personal Information Emperor Menas of Ethiopia
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