Ethiopia / ሱስንዮስ (Emperor Susenyos I)

Ethiopia - ሱስንዮስ (Emperor Susenyos I) (1606 - 17 September 1632)

Susenyos I (also Sissinios in Greek, Ge'ez ሱስንዮስ; throne name Malak Sagad III, Ge'ez መልአክ ሰገድ, "to whom the angel bows") was Emperor of Ethiopia from 1606 to 1632. His father was Abeto (Prince) Fasilides, son of Abeto (Prince) Yakob, who was a son of Dawit II. As a result, while some authorities list Susenyos as a member of the Solomonic dynasty, others consider him, instead of his son, Fasilides, as the founder of the Gondar line of the dynasty (ultimately a subset, however, of the Solomonic dynasty).

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ሱስንዮስ (Emperor Susenyos I): Details
To17 September 1632
Personal Information Emperor Susenyos I of Ethiopia
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