Ethiopia / ዮሐንስ (Emperor Yohannes I)

Ethiopia - ዮሐንስ (Emperor Yohannes I) (1667 - 19 July 1682)

Yohannes I (Ge'ez ዮሐንስ, also sometimes called John I), throne name A'ilaf Sagad (Ge'ez አእላፍ ሰገድ , "to whom tens of thousands bow"), was Emperor of Ethiopia, and a member of the Solomonic dynasty. He was the fourth son of Fasilides.

Yohannes was appointed nəgusä nägäst by a council of the senior dignitaries of the Empire, at the encouragement of the noble Blattengeta Malka Krestos. The council then imprisoned the other sons of Fasilides on Mount Wehni, continuing the practice Fasilides had revived.

According to G.W.B. Huntingford, Yohannes spent much of his reign campaigning, stating that 6 of the 11 itineraries he reproduces were military expeditions. Three of these were against the Agaw in Gojjam, and Agawmeder, one against the Oromo, and two punitive expeditions to the area around Mount Ashgwagwa - Angot and Lasta - to quash the revolts of Feres (in 1677) and Za Maryam (1679).

Emperor Yohannes died on 19 July 1682 and was buried at Teda.

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ዮሐንስ (Emperor Yohannes I): Details
To19 July 1682
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