Holy Roman Empire / Emperor Joseph I, King of Germany

Holy Roman Empire - Emperor Joseph I, King of Germany (5 May 1705 - 17 April 1711)

Joseph I was Holy Roman Emperor from 1705 until his death in 1711. He was the eldest son of Emperor Leopold I from his third wife, Eleonor Magdalene of Neuburg. Joseph was crowned King of Hungary at the age of nine in 1687 and King in Germany at the age of eleven in 1690. He succeeded to the thrones of Bohemia and the Holy Roman Empire when his father died.

Joseph continued the War of the Spanish Succession, begun by his father against Louis XIV of France, in a fruitless attempt to make his younger brother Charles (later Emperor Charles VI) King of Spain. In the process, however, owing to the victories won by his military commander, Prince Eugene of Savoy, he did succeed in establishing Austrian hegemony over Italy. Joseph also had to contend with a protracted revolt in Hungary, fomented by Louis XIV. Neither conflict was resolved until after his death.

His motto was Amore et Timore (Latin for "Through Love and Fear").

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Emperor Joseph I, King of Germany: Details
CountryHoly Roman Empire
From5 May 1705
To17 April 1711
Personal Information King Joseph I of Germany, Holy Roman Emperor
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Country Details
NameHoly Roman Empire
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FlagFlag of Holy Roman Empire