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Information about reign: Papa Hadrianus Quintus (Pope Adrian V)

CountryHoly See
From11 July 1276
To18 July 1276
Personal InformationPope Adrian V (1210 - 1276)

Pope Adrian V (Latin: Adrianus V), born Ottobuono de' Fieschi, was Pope from 11 July to his death on 18 August 1276.

Under the influence of Charles of Anjou, he was elected Pope to succeed Innocent V on 11 July 1276 but died at Viterbo on 18 August 1276 from illness without ever having been ordained to the priesthood. He is buried there in the church of San Francesco alla Rocca. His funeral monument is attributed to Arnolfo di Cambio. Adrian V was the third pope in "The Year of Four Popes" of 1276.

He annulled Pope Gregory X's bull on the holding of papal conclaves, but died before enacting new regulations.

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