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Information about reign: Papa Agapitus (Pope Agapetus I)

CountryHoly See
From13 May 535
To22 April 536
Personal InformationPope Agapetus I (490 - 536)

Pope Agapetus I was Pope from 13 May 535 to his death in 536. Agapetus was born in Rome, although his exact date of birth is unknown. He was the son of Gordianus, a Roman priest who had been slain during the riots in the days of Pope Symmachus (term 498-514). The name of his father might point to a familial relation with two other Popes: Felix III (483-492) and Gregory I (590-604). Gregory was a descendant of Felix. Gregory's father, Gordianus, held the position of Regionarius in the Roman Church. Nothing further is known about the position.

Agapetus I has been canonised by both the Roman Catholic and Orthodox traditions. His memory is kept on 20 September in the Roman Catholic Church. The Eastern churches commemorate him on 22 April, the day of his death.

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