Holy See / Papa Benedictus XIII (Pope Benedict XIII)

Holy See - Papa Benedictus XIII (Pope Benedict XIII) (29 May 1724 - 21 February 1730)

Pope Benedict XIII (Latin: Benedictus XIII), born Pietro Francesco Orsini, was head of the Catholic Church and ruler of the Papal States from 29 May 1724 to his death in 1730.

A Dominican friar, Orsini focused on his religious responsibilities as bishop rather than on papal administration. Orsini's lack of political expertise led him to increasingly rely on an unscrupulous secretary (Cardinal Niccolò Coscia) whose financial abuses ruined the papal treasury, causing great damage to the Church in Rome.

In the process towards sainthood, his cause for canonization opened in 1755, but it was soon closed. It was re-opened on 21 February 1931, but it was closed once again in 1940. It was opened once more on 17 January 2004, with the official process commencing in 2012 and concluding later in 2017. He now has the posthumous title of Servant of God.

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Papa Benedictus XIII (Pope Benedict XIII): Details
CountryHoly See
From29 May 1724
To21 February 1730
Personal Information Pope Benedict XIII
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NameHoly See
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FlagFlag of Holy See