Holy See / Papa Caelestinus Tertius (Pope Celestine III)

Holy See - Papa Caelestinus Tertius (Pope Celestine III) (30 March 1191 - 8 January 1198)

Pope Celestine III (Latin: Caelestinus III), born Giacinto Bobone, reigned from 30 March or 10 April 1191 to his death in 1198. He was born into the noble Orsini family in Rome and served as a cardinal-deacon prior to becoming pope. He was ordained as a priest on 13 April 1191 and he ruled the church for six years, nine months, and nine days before he died aged 92. He was buried at the Lateran.

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Papa Caelestinus Tertius (Pope Celestine III): Details
CountryHoly See
From30 March 1191
To8 January 1198
Personal Information Pope Celestine III
Country Details
NameHoly See
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FlagFlag of Holy See