Holy See / Papa Clemens Nonus (Pope Clement IX)

Holy See - Papa Clemens Nonus (Pope Clement IX) (20 June 1667 - 9 December 1669)

Pope Clement IX (Latin: Clemens IX), born Giulio Rospigliosi, was Pope from 20 June 1667 to his death in 1669.

Pope Alexander VII died in 1667 and a conclave to choose his successor was called. King Louis XIV of France instructed the French faction to turn their support to Rospigliosi and believed also that he would appease the Spanish faction of Charles II due to the fact that he had once been the Apostolic Nuncio to Spain. On 20 June 1667 he was elected as pontiff and took the pontifical name of "Clement IX".

The new pope was crowned on 26 June 1667 by the protodeacon, Cardinal Rinaldo d'Este. He later took possession of the Basilica of Saint John Lateran on 3 July 1667.

Clement IX died in Rome, allegedly of broken heart, on 9 December 1669. His successor, Pope Clement X (r. 1670–1676), built him an ornate tomb in the basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore.

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CountryHoly See
From20 June 1667
To9 December 1669
Personal Information Pope Clement IX
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