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Information about reign: Papa Constantinus (Pope Constantine)

CountryHoly See
From25 March 708
To9 April 715
Personal InformationPope Constantine (664 - 715)

Pope Constantine (Latin: Constantinus) was Pope from 25 March 708 to his death in 715. With the exception of Antipope Constantine, he was the only pope to take such a "quintessentially" Eastern name of an emperor. During this period, the regnal name was also used by emperors and patriarchs.

Selected as one of the last popes of the Byzantine Papacy, the defining moment of Constantine's pontificate was his 710/711 visit to Constantinople where he compromised with Justinian II on the Trullan canons of the Quinisext Council. Constantine was the last pope to visit Constantinople until Pope Paul VI did in 1967.

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