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Information about reign: Papa Cornelius (Pope Cornelius)

CountryHoly See
From6 March 251
ToJune 253
Personal InformationPope Cornelius (unknown - 253)

Pope Cornelius was the Bishop of Rome from 6 or 13 March 251 to his martyrdom in 253.

St. Cornelius is not mentioned much in most texts. When he is referenced, it seems to be in conjunction with his anti-pope Novatian, who eventually founded his own church with his own bishops; his predecessor St Fabian; or his successor St. Lucius. His papacy was short, reigning two years, three months, and ten days, and little was probably circulated at the time due to the persecution in Christian centers. Over time, St. Cornelius seems to have been overlooked and passed over for other great Catholic popes whose papacies lasted longer, had more political power, and influenced other cultures. However, while Cornelius is a rather obscure religious figure, his mandates have shaped the church in historic ways.

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