Holy See / Papa Hormisdas (Pope Hormisdas)

Holy See - Papa Hormisdas (Pope Hormisdas) (20 July 514 - 6 August 523)

Pope Hormisdas was Pope from 20 July 514 to his death in 523. His papacy was dominated by the Acacian schism, started in 484 by Acacius of Constantinople's efforts to placate the Monophysites. His efforts to resolve this schism were successful, and on 28 March 519, the reunion between Constantinople and Rome was ratified in the cathedral of Constantinople before a large crowd.

Jeffrey Richards explains Hormisdas' Persian name as probably in honour of an exiled Persian noble, Hormizd, "celebrated in the Roman martyrology (8 August) but not so honoured in the East." The names of his father and son suggest he had an otherwise "straightforward Italian pedigree." However, according to Iranica he was probably related to Hormizd.

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Papa Hormisdas (Pope Hormisdas): Details
CountryHoly See
From20 July 514
To6 August 523
Personal Information Pope Hormisdas
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Country Details
NameHoly See
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FlagFlag of Holy See