Holy See / Papa Innocentius Quintus (Pope Innocent V)

Holy See - Papa Innocentius Quintus (Pope Innocent V) (21 January 1276 - 22 June 1276)

Pope Innocent V (Latin: Innocentius V), born Pierre de Tarentaise, was pope from 21 January to 22 June 1276. He was a member of the Order of Preachers and was a close collaborator of Pope Gregory X during his pontificate. He was beatified in 1898 by Pope Leo XIII.

Pope Innocent V died at Rome on 22 June 1276, after a reign of five months and one (or two) days. He was buried in the Lateran Basilica, in a magnificent tomb built by King Charles. Unfortunately, the tomb was destroyed by the two fourteenth century fires at the Basilica, in 1307 and 1361.

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Papa Innocentius Quintus (Pope Innocent V): Details
CountryHoly See
From21 January 1276
To22 June 1276
Personal Information Pope Innocent V
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NameHoly See
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