Holy See / Papa Innocentius XII (Pope Innocent XII)

Holy See - Papa Innocentius XII (Pope Innocent XII) (12 July 1691 - 27 September 1700)

Pope Innocent XII (Latin: Innocentius XII), born Antonio Pignatelli, was Pope from 12 July 1691 to his death in 1700.

He took a hard stance against nepotism in the church, continuing the policies of Pope Innocent XI, who started the battle against nepotism. To that end, he issued a papal bull strictly forbidding it.

Pope Alexander VIII died in 1691 and the College of Cardinals assembled to hold a conclave to select his successor. Factions loyal to the Kingdom of France, Kingdom of Spain and the broader Holy Roman Empire failed to agree on a consensus candidate.

After five months, Cardinal Pignatelli emerged as a compromise candidate between the cardinals of France and those of the Holy Roman Empire. Pignatelli took his new name in honour of Pope Innocent XI and was crowned on 15 July 1691 by the protodeacon, Cardinal Urbano Sacchetti. He took possession of the Basilica of Saint John Lateran on 13 April 1692.

Innocent XII died on 27 September 1700 and was succeeded by Pope Clement XI (1700–1721). His tomb at St. Peter's Basilica was sculpted by Filippo della Valle.

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CountryHoly See
From12 July 1691
To27 September 1700
Personal Information Pope Innocent XII
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