Holy See / Papa Ioannes XXI (Pope John XXI)

Holy See - Papa Ioannes XXI (Pope John XXI) (8 September 1276 - 20 May 1277)

Pope John XXI (Latin: Ioannes XXI), born Peter Juliani (Latin: Petrus Iulianus; Portuguese: Pedro Julião), was Pope from 8 September 1276 to his death in 1277. Apart from Damasus I (from Roman Lusitania), he has been the only Portuguese pope. He is sometimes identified with the logician and herbalist Peter of Spain (Latin: Petrus Hispanus; Portuguese: Pedro Hispano), which would make him the only pope to have been a physician.

"Pope John XXI" was actually the 20th pope named John, but decided to skip the number XX.

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Papa Ioannes XXI (Pope John XXI): Details
CountryHoly See
From8 September 1276
To20 May 1277
Personal Information Pope John XXI
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NameHoly See
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