Holy See / Papa Nicholaus Quintus (Pope Nicholas V)

Holy See - Papa Nicholaus Quintus (Pope Nicholas V) (6 March 1447 - 24 March 1455)

Pope Nicholas V (Latin: Nicholaus V), born Tommaso Parentucelli, was Pope from 6 March 1447 until his death. Pope Eugene made him a cardinal in 1446 after successful trips to Italy and Germany, and when Eugene died the next year Parentucelli was elected in his place. He took his name Nicholas in memory of his obligations to Niccolò Albergati. The Pontificate of Nicholas saw the fall of Constantinople to the Ottoman Turks, and decrees which effectively sanctioned slavery. By the Concordat of Vienna he secured the recognition of papal rights over bishoprics and benefices. He also brought about the submission of the last of the antipopes, Felix V, and the dissolution of the Synod of Basle. A key figure in the Roman Renaissance, Nicholas sought to make Rome the home of literature and art. He strengthened fortifications, restored aqueducts, and rebuilt many churches. The glories of the Leonine City, the Vatican, and the Basilica of St. Peter must be considered part of his legacy.

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Papa Nicholaus Quintus (Pope Nicholas V): Details
CountryHoly See
From6 March 1447
To24 March 1455
Personal Information Pope Nicholas V
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NameHoly See
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