Holy See / Papa Paschalis Secundus (Pope Paschal II)

Holy See - Papa Paschalis Secundus (Pope Paschal II) (13 August 1099 - 21 January 1118)

Pope Paschal II (Latin: Paschalis II), born Ranierius, was Pope from 13 August 1099 to his death in 1118.

A monk of the Cluniac order, he created the Cardinal-Priest of San Clemente by Pope Gregory VII (1073 - 85) in 1073. He was consecrated as pope in succession to Pope Urban II (1088 - 99) on 19 August 1099. His reign of almost twenty years was exceptionally long for a pope of the Middle Ages.

Papa Paschalis Secundus (Pope Paschal II): Details
CountryHoly See
From13 August 1099
To21 January 1118
Personal Information Pope Paschal II
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NameHoly See
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FlagFlag of Holy See