Holy See / Papa Paulus Quintus (Pope Paul V)

Holy See - Papa Paulus Quintus (Pope Paul V) (16 May 1605 - 28 January 1621)

Pope Paul V (Latin: Paulus V; Italian: Paolo V), born Camillo Borghese, was Pope from 16 May 1605 to his death in 1621. He is best remembered today as the Pope who persecuted Galileo Galilei.

When Pope Leo XI died, 1605, Cardinal Borghese became Pope over a number of candidates including Caesar Baronius and Roberto Cardinal Bellarmine; his neutrality in the factional times made him an ideal compromise candidate. In character he was very stern and unyielding, a lawyer rather than diplomat, who defended the privileges of the Church to his utmost. His first act was to send home to their sees the bishops who were sojourning in Rome, for the Council of Trent had insisted that every bishop reside in his diocese.

Paul V died on 28 January 1621 of a stroke in the Quirinal Palace and was succeeded as pope by Pope Gregory XV.

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Papa Paulus Quintus (Pope Paul V): Details
CountryHoly See
From16 May 1605
To28 January 1621
Personal Information Pope Paul V
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NameHoly See
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