Holy See / Papa Sabinianus (Pope Sabinian)

Holy See - Papa Sabinianus (Pope Sabinian) (13 September 604 - 22 February 606)

Pope Sabinian (Latin: Sabinianus) was Pope from 13 September 604 to his death in 606, during the Byzantine (Eastern Roman) domination of the Papacy. He was the fourth former apocrisiarius to Constantinople to be elected pope.

Sabinian was born at Blera (Bieda) near Viterbo. He had been sent by Pope Gregory I as Apostolic nuncio, to Constantinople, but he apparently was not entirely satisfactory in that office. He returned to Rome in 597. He was probably consecrated pope on 13 September 604.

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Papa Sabinianus (Pope Sabinian): Details
CountryHoly See
From13 September 604
To22 February 606
Personal Information Pope Sabinian
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NameHoly See
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