Holy See / Papa Sergius (Pope Sergius I)

Holy See - Papa Sergius (Pope Sergius I) (15 December 687 - 8 September 701)

Pope Sergius I was Pope from December 15, 687 to his death in 701. He was elected at a time when two rivals, the Archdeacon Paschal and the Archpriest Theodore, were locked in dispute about which of them should become pope.

His papacy was dominated by his response to the Quinisext Council, whose canons he refused to accept. Thereupon the Byzantine Emperor Justinian II ordered Sergius' abduction (as his predecessor Constans II had done with Pope Martin I), but the Roman people and the Italian militia of the Exarch of Ravenna refused to allow the exarch to remove Sergius to Constantinople.

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Papa Sergius (Pope Sergius I): Details
CountryHoly See
From15 December 687
To8 September 701
Personal Information Pope Sergius I
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Country Details
NameHoly See
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FlagFlag of Holy See