Holy See / Papa Xystus (Pope Sixtus I)

Holy See - Papa Xystus (Pope Sixtus I) (3 May 115 - 3 April 125)

Pope Sixtus I was the Bishop of Rome from c. 115 to his death c. 124. He succeeded Pope Alexander I and was in turn succeeded by Pope Telesphorus. In the oldest documents, Xystus (from the Greek word for "polished") is the spelling used for the first three popes of that name. Pope Sixtus I is also the sixth Pope after Peter, leading to questions whether the name "Sixtus" (meaning "sixth") might be fictitious.

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Papa Xystus (Pope Sixtus I): Details
CountryHoly See
From3 May 115
To3 April 125
Personal Information Pope Sixtus I
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NameHoly See
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