Holy See / Papa Stephanus (Pope Stephen I)

Holy See - Papa Stephanus (Pope Stephen I) (12 May 254 - 2 August 257)

Pope Stephen I (Latin: Stephanus I) was the bishop of Rome from 12 May 254 to his death in 257. Of Roman birth but of Greek ancestry, he became bishop after serving as archdeacon of Pope Lucius I, who appointed Stephen his successor.

The Depositio episcoporum of 354 does not speak of Pope Stephen I as a martyr and he is not celebrated as such by the Catholic Church, in spite of the account in the Golden Legend that in 257 Emperor Valerian resumed the persecution of Christians, and Stephen was sitting on his pontifical throne celebrating Mass for his congregation when the emperor's men came and beheaded him on 2 August 257. As late as the 18th century, what was said to be the chair was preserved, still stained with blood.

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Papa Stephanus (Pope Stephen I): Details
CountryHoly See
From12 May 254
To2 August 257
Personal Information Pope Stephen I
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NameHoly See
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